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  • Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA)


The Village of Manorhaven, New York receives more than 700 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests per year. The town's clerk sought to make the paper-based application, processing, and response process much more efficient.  

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Manorhaven's Clerk Department struggled to keep up and deliver timely services using a paper-based process. This required that requestors file paperwork in person at the municipal building, and that employees manually process and file a significant amount of paperwork, sapping them of time and resources.


The Manorhaven Clerk Department adopted GovPilot to digitize their FOIA request, processing, delivery, and filing processes.

"Manorhaven receives around 700 FOIA requests a year, and we have seen a major transition of residents submitting through the GovPilot platform rather than coming into the office with paper submissions." Said, Deputy Clerk, Alex Kovacevic.

With GovPilot, Manorhaven employees can quickly track, process and file all incoming FOIA requests, and do so while limiting resident foot traffic to the office. 

50% Reduction
Since implementing GovPilot, Manorhaven has seen 50% less paper-based FOIA requests.
Foot Traffic Halved
Since adopting GovPilot, foot traffic to the municipal building has been halved, and expected to decrease further.
Business Continuity
FOIAs were able to be submitted and processed with GovPilot while the municipal building was closed to residents during COVID.
Hours to Minutes
By replacing manual paper processes with GovPilot's digitization, staff can track and report on FOIAs in a matter of minutes - not hours.
Alex Kovacevic

"GovPilot's cloud-based system is a business continuity tool which has allowed FOIA requests to continue with ease, and has reduced foot traffic within the Village offices."

Alex Kovacevic
Deputy Clerk

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