Lodi, NJ



System Replaced

Excel Spreadsheets and manual paper

GP Modules Deployed by Lodi

  • Asset Management
  • CCO
  • Contract Management 
  • Dog License
  • Dog Park Registration
  • Emergency Management
  • Employee Injury
  • Employment Application
  • Garage & Yard Sale
  • Landlord Registration
  • Marriage License
  • No Knock Permit
  • OPRA
  • Overnight Parking
  • Receipt
  • Report a Concern
  • Residential Parking Permit
  • Tonnage Grant Reporting
  • Tree Inventory Management
  • Vacant Property Registration
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Work Order

Certificate of Continued Occupancy Inspection

Lodi is a small city in northern New Jersey that transitioned from a paper-based CCO application and inspection system to GovPilot’s cloud-based digital platform.

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For years Lodi relied on an ad-hoc process consisting of paper records and Excel spreadsheets to manually record, track, and report on the city’s CCO applications, inspections, and certifications.

Lodi’s inefficient process relied on paper forms which were mailed to, faxed, or dropped off at the city’s offices by constituents. Employees then had to collect, and manually enter information contained in the forms into an Excel spreadsheet. The paper forms including applications, inspection records, and certifications then had to be filed and stored. According to the clerk, paperwork was often misplaced resulting in delayed service or none at all.


With GovPilot, the clerk noted a, “night and day difference”. Lodi has completely eliminated paper from the CCO process. Applications are submitted via a digital form on the city’s website which are processed by employees working through GovPilot’s cloud-based platform. Automated emails keep requestors informed of the status of their application. Inspections are conducted via tablet devices on site in real-time, eliminating paper and travel to and from the office. CCO approvals are issued to applicants via email. “We’re to the point where we hate paper”, said Rebecca Paladino, Deputy Municipal Registrar.

Eliminated Paper
Employees now operate the entire CCO process digitally from start to finish, including inspections.
60 Hours per Month
Employees report saving at least three-hours per day on the processing of requests, resulting in increased productivity.
Eliminated Archives
Instead of searching for minutes or hours for files in physical archives, employees search a digital record in seconds and print if needed.
Business Continuity
Employees were able to continue serving the public during COVID by working remotely from home.
Nick Melfi

“GovPilot helped us serve the public during COVID without a glitch. Our residents had no idea that we were working from home.”

Rebecca Paladino
Deputy Municipal Registrar

"There are a lot of benefits."

Nick Melfi
Construction Official

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