Township of Union, NJ



System Replaced

Manual Paper

GP Modules Deployed by Union Township

  • Open Public Records Request
  • BYOB
  • CCO Inspection
  • Cat License
  • Clothing Bins
  • Code Enforcement
  • Dog License
  • Kennel Pet Shop 
  • Limo Operator Permit 
  • Open Air Junk Dealers 
  • Renewal for Gasoline Dispenser
  • Rental Property Registration 
  • Trailer Park / Trailer Camp
  • Video Game Distribution and Licensing

CCO Inspection

Named one of Money magazine’s 50 best places to live in the United States, the Township of Union, New Jersey decided to upgrade its housing inspections workflow.

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Before Union’s adoption of GovPilot, the Township’s Housing Department’s certificate of continued occupancy (CCO) inspection process was built upon handwritten violation logs and paper-based tracking.


A comparison of operations before and after Union Township implemented GovPilot’s CCO inspection module yields impressive results. Union’s housing inspectors now go on-site armed with a tablet. Mobile access to GovPilot’s cloud-based server allows them to enter violations directly from the field. Speaking of mobility, a custom automated workflow carries alerts regarding assignments, status updates and more to everyone who needs to know.

  • Union Township transitioned from communicating status updates to applicants through a combination of email, regular mail and phone to utilizing GovPilot automation
Drop in time spent communicating with requestors/other departments (20% of day to 5%)
Eliminated status inquiry phone calls (Avg number of calls dropped from two or more to none per application)
No Walk-Ins
Walk-ins to drop off check payment transitioned to online payment processing.
On the Spot
Applicants receive certificate on the spot (Used to take 2 days, on avg)
Kevin Holland

"GovPilot makes scheduling, enforcement, the inspection process, issuance of forms and certificates and record keeping easier and ties all processes together for a complete and easily accessed record of Township properties."

Kevin Holland
Housing Inspector

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