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GovPilot’s Harvest Season is in Full Swing!

By Alannah Dragonetti

October has been pumpkin spice and everything nice for GovPilot! Our hard work and dedication has led to processes published, an exciting announcement,positive press and new clients in every corner of the United States.Talk about a fall harvest!

This month, we’re proud that:

Clients’ Processes are Upgraded and Uploaded to their Sites

We have no problem training clients to navigate our easy-to-use processes, so when we saw the opportunity to train 17 municipal offices to use 17 different processes we seized it! We are proud to report that said processes are live on their respective municipal websites, improving constituent engagement, streamlining operations and generating revenue for clients across the nation.

The GovAlert Mobile App is Set to Launch

Coming soon to Android and iOS, GovAlert empowers constituents to voice concerns to government officials with unprecedented immediacy and convenience. Users snap a picture of a pothole, litter, or other non-emergency and supplement the image with descriptive text . Just one tap and the concern is sent to their local government, as determined by device location settings. The appropriate government official receives the alert in real time. If the administration is already a GovPilot client, the concern is addressed through the same efficient GovPilot processes that a growing number of US cities are coming to rely on.If the administration does not use GovPilot, officials are still notified. They are invited to adopt GovPilot and benefit from real time alerts.

Our Story is Featured in NJAC’s October Newsletter

Needless to say, GovPilot is a proponent of constituent engagement. Our piece on how it benefits both government and citizen is featured in New Jersey Association of Counties’ October newsletter.

3 New Clients Have Signed-On

From the California to the New York island, from the Redwood Forest, to the gulf stream waters, GovPilot is being implemented by smart cities. We are pleased to announce that we have 3 new clients:

Greenbrook Township, NJ
Harlingen City, TX
Walton Hills Village, OH

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