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GovPilot Welcomes New Clients and a New Season

By Alannah Dragonetti

And just like that, it's fall! As the weather cools down, GovPilot is helping old friends embrace a new season, cozying-up to new clients and enjoying a warm reception from the press.

This month,GovPilot:

Helped New Providence,NJ Welcome Fall

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, "Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall." By "it", he of course meant the leaves. The management of crisp,fallen leaves can be a major inconvenience for a city's government and residents. Thanks to GovPilot, New Providence, New Jersey has an orderly, automated leaf collection scheduling system in place. Government officials and residents alike have one less thing to worry about as they pick pumpkins, bake apple pie and otherwise celebrate the fall season!

Made the NJAC County Biz Newsletter for the Third Consecutive Month

GovPilot is proud to raise awareness about the risks associated with vacant properties and even more proud to supply cities with the tools to mitigate them. Find GovPilot's "Death by Neighborhood"in the September issue of NJAC County Biz.

Stepped-Up Our Game

The GovPilot team is forever working to enhance and expand our platform. Clients can now benefit from the following features and capabilities:

  • Users can now log into the system via www.govpilot.com.
  • Users can request to reset their password through their credential email address.
  • Scheduled appointments can be viewed on a global calendar.
  • Global Search grants government employees the ability to search the database by keyword.
  • Admin.s can customize user read/write permission settings.
  • GovPilot now integrates with three new credit card payment processors!
  • Property profile list information is now sorted by "Last Modified".

Welcomed New Clients

This kind of exposure and the hard work and dedication of our team has accelerated GovPilot's growth. Things really picked-up these last few weeks, with GovPilot spreading to new areas of our native NJ and into the deep South. GovPilot looks forward to helping the following districts reach new heights through geographic information system (GIS) mapping technology, digital automation and all of the other features that make GovPilot the premier government management platform:

  • Garfield, NJ
  • Jackson County, MS
  • Keystone Heights, FL
  • Manasquan Borough, NJ
  • Raleigh, NC
  • South Toms River, NJ

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