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Kent Hartsfield

Kent is GovPilot's Enterprise Account Executive.

Recent Posts

In Honor of GIS Day: Discovering Your District through GovPilot GIS

by Kent Hartsfield on November 14, 2017

In honor of GIS Day tomorrow (yes, that’s really a thing), we here at GovPilot would like to discuss geographic information systems (GIS) and the ways in which they benefit local governments. Whether you are big or small, a municipality or a county, a government official or a constituent, everyone can gain something from GIS. READ MORE+

2 Code Enforcement Approaches to Blight Management. 1 Comprehensive Tool.

by Kent Hartsfield on September 20, 2017

From the decisions they make to how effectively they perform their duties,code enforcement officers have a highly visible role in the community.Most noticeably, they control the battle of the blight. Methods vary, but Code Enforcement’s  approach to blight management can essentially be broken into two categories: reactive and proactive. GovPilot ... READ MORE+