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3 Reasons Why GovPilot Clients Don’t Sweat Tax Caps and Budget Cuts

By Alannah Dragonetti

They say that constraints drive genius. This is certainly true of government, where states’ shifting needs and changing legislation inspire their cities to do more with less.


Take for instance, GovPilot’s home state of New Jersey. In 2010, Governor Chris Christie lowered the state’s property tax cap from 4% to 2%. Eligible municipalities take advantage of  legal loopholes present in Governor Christie’s cap. These include exemptions to cover debt payments and employee pension/health-benefit costs as well as response to large-scale emergencies.With a recent bill under consideration, it is possible that additional cities will qualify for exemptions.


In the meantime, the majority of NJ communities find ways to cut costs so that they can comfortably operate within the confines of state law. A growing number are turning to GovPilot. Learn how clients in our home state and beyond save money with GovPilot’s suite of cloud-based government management solutions!


With GovPilot, municipalities save valuable resources and experience a boost in productivity, allowing them to easily manage tax caps like NJ’s. GovPilot helps clients:

GovPilot government software Replace paper-based processes with automated ones to save money and boost productivity.


1. Part with Paper


For decades, municipal workers have performed the tedious task of printing hundreds of copies of each available form and placing the copies in bins, where they collect dust until they are ready to be manually completed.Small governments save a small fortune  (not to mention storage space!) by eliminating paper processes from their workflows. GovPilot’s digital forms simplify the transition to paperless operations. They let government employees and constituents complete applications on an as-needed basis, saving municipalities thousands of dollars on ink and paper each year.


Shipping is always free with our state-of-the-art email system!


Shipping is always free with our state-of-the-art email system!


2. Save on Shipping 


A stamp here, a FedEx pick-up scheduled then. All of those shipping and handling fees add up! Smart cities trust GovPilot to quickly and securely deliver licenses and other documents to their intended recipients. Relying on GovPilot’s automated email system also offers long-term financial benefits. Documents sent via email are generally easier to retrieve than paper documents. Even if the recipient accidentally deletes a file, it is more cost-effective to resend an email  than it is to send a second physical document through the mail.


GovPilot government software Do more with less!


3. Accomplish More


Time is money and GovPilot saves clients both. GovPilot’s immediate and reliable storage capabilities save users time on data entry, a process present in all facets of government operations. GovPilot enables code enforcement agents to record and save critical information from onsite. Our product also helps those in customer-facing roles by ensuring all citizen comments, questions and complaints are detailed before directing them to the appropriate department, reducing the volume of phone calls and the length of phone conversations. This leaves employees more time to address higher level matters.


To reiterate, GovPilot clients don’t sweat tax caps and budget cuts because our revolutionary software saves them money on office supplies and delivery services. It also saves them time, facilitating increased productivity. Upgrading these three areas is the difference between a government struggling under the weight of statewide restrictions and a city thriving despite them.


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