GovPilot Release Notes: May 29, 2022

Posted by GovPilot on 8/16/22 5:37 PM

Deployed to Live:

  • New 3rd Party Integrations tab (see image below)
    • Credit Card Configuration page has moved here
  • ICC Code Integration
    • Modules can now be configured to use a lookup that reads codes from ICC codes instead of another table. This is a two-step setup. First step is to configure the screen below, next is to add the ICC lookup in designer into the form.
    • Just like with credit card processors, the town needs to setup an account with ICC and give us credentials. The credentials below are test credentials that we can use for testing purposes.



  • Bug with default user in form scheduler when the user was not part of the list.
  • Bug with workflows not triggering when the assigned user is public user only.
  • Dynamically identify environment based on subdomain (needed for azure tests)

Deployed to Beta:

  • New Map configuration tab. You can now configure the internal (personal) map and public map to display only certain fields.

  • Fields selected under the My Map tab are applied to the internal map. These are specific to the user who is logged in.



  • Fields selected under the Public Map apply to the account and affect the public map and the public profile (Tax Info tab). The public map has also been updated to match the behavior of the internal map. Clicking a parcel makes it stick and the user must click View Property blue button to view the property profile. The right panel will extend up to the height of the page and it will show a scrollbar if needed.



  • Field mapping for property profile & recent records (migrated from designer) and default columns for the ALL view
    • The left side specifies the mapping of the 4 static columns that we display in Recent records and Property profile for each module.
    • The right side specifies the columns to display when the ALL view is selected.



  • Restructured permissions into groups



  • More granular permissions. Each process tab has its own permission that can be assigned to a user.



  • Cloning attachments. You now have the option to allow keeping the attachments when cloning a record. This applies to the main table. If any attachments in a sub-table, they will be kept if you choose to keep the sub-table when cloning.



  • Drawing tools on public forms. You can now add more information to the geographic field on the public map. Same as internally, you can draw different shapes of the location.




  • More integrations tabs with coming soon message.



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