GovPilot Release Notes: July 24, 2022

Posted by GovPilot on 8/16/22 5:59 PM

Deployed to Live


  • Upgraded Report Engine – To run a report, previously we needed to save it into a folder. Now they are loaded from the database, converted, and updated on the fly (ex. their database connection) based on the environment. The engine will process all sub-reports recursively. This update makes the report generation faster (you can notice the speed difference if you run a report with multiple checklists in Beta and Live) and less error-prone (removes the reported errors coming from publishing them between environments)
    • Check this video for comparison
  • More detailed permissions
    • Now you can add permissions or restrict main menu items


  • Ecommerce test credentials prefilled on the configuration page
    • Now you don’t have to remember test credentials for credit cards, they will be automatically pre-populated when you select your processor
  • Admin menu for GP employees to see logged in users

Bug Fixes

  • IR-2590 TheSatelliteBiz credit card issues
  • IR-2609 GovAlert API was bringing a lot of parcels, beyond the visible area, making the app unresponsive.
  • IR-2573 GP Employee unable to open the Combined View configuration
  • IR-2610 GIS Layer not rendering correctly
  • IR-2593 Signature not being required
  • IR-2611 Property fields were not being populated
  • IR-2612, IR-2613, IR-2608,IR-2562 Printing a report was very slow, inconsistent (Report engine enhancement fixes these)
  • IR-2578 Save and Continue Later bug
  • IR-2571 Fee schedule missing validation when adding a blank item
  • Issue with counting dataviewer results when too many records and too many parcels in a county account
  • Mail merges not showing in Favorites
  • Replaced Kendo Alert with Sweet Alert popup to keep a consistent confirmation/warning popup across the system.
  • Other Azure Test Findings
    • Phone number not persisting on my account info  
    • Email configuration page was breaking if not configured
    • Dataviewer, hide all fields not working
    • Favorites, export to excel freezes the page
    • Favorites, Mail merge dropdown not working
    • Favorites, Grouping / Aggregates / Sorting issues
    • Module Group Permissions, issue with cloning a group


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