Vacant Property Management Software

Promote Accountability

Track and Analyze Patterns

Break the Cycle of Property Abandonment

Stem the tide of property abandonment, connect with constituents and otherwise rehabilitate your community.

Constituent Engagement

Harness the power of crowdsourcing to increase the effectiveness of vacant property management initiatives.

GIS-Enabled Tracking

GIS helps you pinpoint the exact location of a vacant property for straightforward tracking.

Accurate Analysis

Interactive map layers enable government to effectively recognize and assess trends.

Detailed Records

Comprehensive digital files join forces with GIS visualization to ensure that no unoccupied property or irresponsible owner goes unnoticed.

Revenue Generation

Market properties through GIS for maximum revenue generation.

Restore Safety and Order

Access to detailed data helps potential buyers determine if they are up for the task before a purchase is made, reducing the likelihood of future vacancies.