Customizable From The Ground Up

GovPilot recognizes that each and every government has a unique set of needs. While divisions and departments across governments may perform similar functions, they may perform them differently from one another.

Employees have personal specifications that impact how they perform their jobs and responsibilities. GovPilot addresses these differences by providing a platform that is customizable from the foundation up, delivering the tools that enable users to personalize their GovPilot experience.

Collective Knowledge Meets Personalization

GovPilot users can choose and modify views and forms from our extensive template library and can create and edit existing form layouts and fields through a simple drag and drop interface. While our forms have been designed with the collective knowledge of subject matter experts, they can modified to meet individual specifications. Administrators and Department Heads can optionally configure role-based read and write permission for every form and field.

Visual Workflow Engine

Workflows power the functionality of forms and modules. A visual workflow engine enables users to create and set workflows with control and ease. Users can customize worklows to automate the completion of numerous tasks through event and data-based triggers.

Users can assign templated emails and letters to each workflow, streamlining communication and accountability. Custom workflows is a powerful feature that leverages GovPilot’s pre-loaded data and productivity applications to replicate your offline processes while removing redundancies.

Drag And Drop Simplicity

Customization doesn’t stop at Workflows. Users can easily modify and create letters, emails and licenses that can be used with Mail Merge to automatically generate documents with applicant information. Like forms, users can choose letters from our template library or create or upload their own.

Merge fields can added to letters and emails simply by dragging them onto the template. The letter creator is highly functional. Turn most paper letters and licenses into dynamic templates and generate and print licenses individually or in batch in seconds.