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Prioritize economic growth AND public health and safety. Enable applications, inspections, and certifications of legal dispensaries with digital efficiency and transparency. 


Mobile Inspections

Utilize the Inspection App to assign, track, and complete on site health inspections. Records update in real-time across the platform and enable timely licensing approvals or denials. 



Cloud-based digital processes enable remote work and improve efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. Constituents can apply for a permit digitally - no need to submit paperwork in-person or via mail.

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"GovPilot is a game changer!"
- Darren Bryden, Chief Information Officer, Elizabeth, NJ
“GovPilot helped us serve the public during COVID without a glitch."
- Rebecca Paladino, Deputy Municipal Registrar, Lodi, NJ
"We are able to offer the public 24 hour access to filing concerns."
- Ernest Smith, Health Supervisor, Borough of Camden County, NJ

GovPilot has partnered with local governments across the U.S. and Canada to advance digital transformation initiatives. View our case studies.

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Leverage Cannabis Legalization to Generate Revenue while Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Many states have legalized marijuana. Production, distribution, sale, possession, and use are legal, but regulations vary from state to state. Other states have partially legalized cannabis through decriminalization or by regulating the production, sale and use of medical marijuana and CBD Oil.

While the legalization of marijuana represents a revenue generating opportunity for local and state governments, municipalities must follow and enforce state regulations within their jurisdictions to ensure constituent health and safety. 

In an era characterized by rapid modernization, increased constituent expectations, shrinking budgets, and unpredictable outside disruptions, local governments’ reliance on arcane paper-based processes drains its scarce resources and limits its ability to effectively serve constituents. With GovPilot, local governments can digitally process applications, inspections, and the licensing of marijuana dispensaries. 

GovPilot GovInspect App

Cannabis Specific Offerings

While the modules listed below are specific to cannabis legalization, GovPilot's 125+ cloud-based modules unify data on one platform and break down communications silos between departments. Digitization ensures business continuity by enabling remote work and touchless digital interaction for constituents and government employees.  

Collect payments instantaneously via digital forms to ensure that budgets stay current and revenue positive. 

(Click titles below to see video demo of each module)

At left, the GovInspect mobile app, enabling cloud-based property inspections and work orders in real-time from any device.


Cost Savings, Efficiency, Productivity, and Business Continuity

The ability to provide the convenience that constituents expect while increasing the productivity of government staff, generating cost savings and even previously unrealized revenue, are now paramount.

GovPilot has partnered with hundreds of local governments across the country, small and large to achieve significant results: 

  • 40 hours per month saved for a Clerk Department
  • 48 hours to 7 minutes for government-wide IT ticket resolution in a city's IT department
  • 80% - 100% reduction in resident walk-ins and phone calls
  • Online Payments and instant certificate issuance
  • Enabled remote work during the COVID-19 outbreak with no loss in productivity or constituent services
  • Read full case studies here

An infusion of CARES Act funding coupled with the legalization of cannabis across several states, has provided a rare opportunity for local governments to make a much needed investment in digitization and cloud-based processes that will pay dividends for budgets and constituents now and in the future.

The GovPilot team stands ready to help your government achieve its digital transformation goals.

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Customer Success Stories

Elizabeth, NJ

“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows.”
Darren Bryden

Chief Information Officer


Clarks Summit, PA

"GovPilot is wonderful and easy to work with. The team is friendly and helpful. I thank the staff for their help.”
Virginia Kehoe

Borough Manager

GovPilot Clarks Summit, PA

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